Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Over the weekend I felt so good! Like back to my normal self good, which is really really exciting for me! 
But in the past two days I had been having a tiny bit of pain again, I found myself getting really worried and letting the fear of getting really sick again consume my thoughts.
Then yesterday morning I was cleaning the kitchen and listening to music, and the song "Trust" by Hillsong Young & Free came on, I found myself singing the words:

Jesus I will trust You
will trust you
I know you never fail
I will trust you
Jesus I will

And it hit me, the only thing worrying about my situation and fearing the unknown did was bring me down. 
But the moment I chose to say "God, I trust you". His peace that passes understanding flooded my soul. 
Now I would love to say the rest of the day was just easy cause I said "God, I trust you" once.  But the truth is there were many times throughout the day that fear crept in, and there were many moments that I needed to say "God, I trust you".

The only thing I know
Is God you're in control
In every little detail
You are close
I'll never be alone
Here in the unknown
The power of Your Presence
Fills my soul

I have no doubt I could wake up tomorrow and never feel the pain of having an autoimmune disease again, but am I gonna choose to trust him even if healing is not His answer for me?

Whatever season you are going through, if you are sick, depressed or just have a bad attitude about life. I encourage you to take your eyes off of your situation, your circumstances, off of you, and choose to say "God, I trust you".

And just so y'all know, I feel amazing today, so I had nothing to worry about!